The Ships Anchor Gold Cufflinks II

A variation on traditional nautical cufflinks, the ships anchor cufflinks II represent safety and endurance.

The anchor is a commonly recognised symbol and carries a variety of meanings. The use of the anchor dates back to the bronze age when heavy stones and logs were a means for vessels to moor themselves securely. In addition, the anchor embodied safety and protection.

Later, the anchored cross shape was adopted by Christians as a substitute for the cross while they were persecuted by the Romans. Thus the anchor came to symbolise hope and steadfastness. 

In essence, the ships anchor cufflinks II incorporate both of these aspects. They are a recognisable token of resistance and endurance against hardship. They ground individuals at odds with the treachery of life. Whilst still illuminating the path to hope and prosperity.

The ships anchor cufflinks will make an excellent gift for the people that help ground you in your life. As well as a personal totem to help give you assurance and protection. The stylish cufflink design will make a neat addition to any ensemble. It can work particularly well for those about to embark on a new journey. Whether that’s in business, romance or just life in general.

The anchor symbol is a clearly discernable signal that tells others, you are ready for whatever life has to throw at you. The nautical emblem is a refined and dignified way to represent personal integrity, resilience and perseverance. The ships anchor cufflinks II give you the power to withstand the turbulent waters of life.

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