Think Not Many Men Wear Cufflinks? Think Again

If you are the sort of man who wears a shirt with double cuffs to work and obviously complements them with cufflinks, you may think that you are something out of the ordinary, and to some extent that would be right. After all, how many men wear cufflinks...

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Cufflinks Can Be Fixed In A Variety Of Ways

Cufflinks have been around for a very long time. Their job is to link together double shirt cuffs that have no buttons. Years ago, men used to tie their shirt cuffs together with short pieces of string until the cufflink was invented in the early 1600’s. Today, cufflinks...

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Cufflinks Come In A Multitude Of Different Designs

Cufflinks come in a huge range of different styles and patterns. They are basically designed with a front face which is the part that goes on the outside of the cuff and which people will see. This face is attached to a short post which goes through both...

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