Cufflinks - The Most Valuable Tool In A Man’s Sartorial Armoury

Cufflinks are quite possibly the most valuable tool in a man’s sartorial armoury. Where else in the male wardrobe can you find a piece of jewellery that is at the same time functional and beautiful in equal measure? Certainly, some trouser belts can look great and are above all functional, but they are hardly pieces of jewellery. The appearance of belts comes second, since the most important function is to keep the trousers up.

But with cufflinks you have something that does the job of keeping the cuffs of the shirt together and at the same time acts as a thing of beauty - something that you could never say of a trouser belt.

Of course, the old saying goes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that is as true of cufflinks as anything else. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, or what appeals to you won’t necessarily appeal to me. But at least with cufflinks they are designed not just to function but designed intentionally to produce a dramatic effect. They are small decorative works of art and can come in a glorious range of different colours, shapes, styles, and materials.

Some cufflinks are made of silver, some are gold cufflinks, and some are of less precious metals. But they don’t even have to be made of metal. Some pairs are made of material that is like a coloured rope that has been twisted and knotted, and these are a very popular take on cufflinks. There are even versions that look the same from the design point of view but are actually made of 18 carat gold. Other cufflinks are made of silk, glass, leather, stone, and can also be combinations of these. There is no end to the design possibilities when it comes to cufflinks.

Cufflinks do not have to be expensive and can range from a few pounds up to thousands of pounds if you are after something exclusive such as the Cartier, or Piaget, or Patek Philippe brands. If you have endless supplies of money those are fine, but the majority of men do not. Nonetheless, you can enjoy collecting cufflinks as you find them, and they can give great pleasure as you choose which ones to wear with your shirt for the day.

Many men do, indeed, have a collection of cufflinks from which they are able to select the pair that matches their mood as well as the day ahead. So, for example, if visiting customers, you would need to choose a pair of cufflinks that are restrained yet elegant. If dining out, you may choose to wear something more colourful and flamboyant for the evening.

You can get cufflinks that can do so many things such as pairs which have your birth sign on them or the ones that underline your heritage such as the Heritage range that we produce at Wimbledon Cufflink Company. These include designs featuring national emblems such as the Shamrock, Welsh Dragon, English Lion, Scottish Lion, and so on, which tell the world not only who you are but where you are from. If you are proud of your birth country, we have a selection of these from which you can choose.

Cufflinks make a statement about who you are, and when you wear them, you will stand out from the crowd. They are a small piece of art that adorn your wrists, and like a picture are worth a thousand words. That is because, by and large, they are a picture – in many cases quite literally. But even if there is no actual “picture” there, there is still a colour, a stone, or a pattern, that says “this is me”.

It gives you an essence of charm, elegance, and style all at the same time, and will put you way above those who choose the simple button because it demonstrates that you have put thought and consideration into the way that you look. A button simply comes with the shirt and was chosen by the manufacturer, whereas your cufflinks are chosen by you.

Cufflinks tell the world that this man is important. He is going somewhere. Don’t get left behind with the crowd: wear cufflinks.