Cufflinks Define The Man You Are

Your cufflinks define you as the man you are, so it is important to wear cufflinks that make you look the part when you need to.

Oh? Hang on. You don’t wear cufflinks? Why ever not?

If you want to get on in the world, you need to dress smartly. Yes, we know that today many men go to the office in jeans and a T-shirt, but that is just sheer laziness. But have you noticed that your boss doesn’t dress like that? No, he dresses smartly, and that is one of the reasons that he is the boss.

When you are the boss, you have more to do than just show up at the office. You will meet customers or clients and it is critical to impress them. A pair of jeans is not going to do the trick. So, it’s a suit with a smart tie and a pair of smart cufflinks.

Note that we said “smart”. You can get cufflinks in an almost endless choice of different designs including a large number that are meant to be “jokey” or “funny”. You can also get adult designs as well. But that is hardly going to impress the customers.

Cufflinks Should Add An Air Of Importance To Your Attire

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company we do not produce cufflinks in so-called “funny” designs. Cufflinks are meant to add an air of importance to a man’s attire, and we recognise that. This is one of the reasons that we produce our Heritage range of cufflinks that demonstrate a respect for your lineage.

Whether you were born in England, Wales, Scotland, or Ireland, we have cufflinks for everyone.

You might prefer the English Rose Cufflinks. The Tudor Rose dates back to Henry VIII and resonates with peace, as it merged the red and white roses of Yorkshire and Lancashire.

If you hail from Wales, we have the Welsh Dragon Cufflinks for you. Legend has it that the Welsh Dragon was the battle standard of no less a man than King Arthur. Wearing the Welsh Dragon Cufflinks demonstrates your pride in your Celtic heritage.

For the Irish, we have the Shamrock, and if you are from north of the border, you might choose the Scottish Lion Cufflinks. However, there are many more cufflinks in our Heritage range, so scroll through and find the pair that catches your eye.