Silver Cufflinks In A Range Of Designs For Everyday Wear

Men who wear cufflinks broadly fall into two different groups. There is the man who wears only one watch and has just one pair of cufflinks, and then there is the man who will own several watches and build up a collection of cufflinks so that he can choose a pair that are suitable for whatever he is doing on that particular day. These can either complement the watch or be something that stands out and makes a statement on their own.

Indeed, several watchmakers also produce cufflinks that complement the design of their watches. Think Patek Philippe, Bvlgari, Chopard, Piaget, and so on.

However, if you are the type of guy who likes to ring the changes, then a collection of watches and a collection of cufflinks will be important. Choosing the right cufflinks for the occasion then becomes an art form in its’ own right. For everyday wear, going to the office, travelling, going to management meetings, and so on, a few pairs of silver cufflinks will be in order.

They are not too expensive, and there is a vast choice if you want to buy silver cufflinks online which you can do at Wimbledon Cufflink Company. Indeed, if you Google the term “buy silver cufflinks” you get a return of over 24 million, and if you leave out the word “silver” you get over 74 million. This says something about the importance of cufflinks. Many people believe that the cufflink is something of the past, but in fact it is very much alive and kicking. Just log on to any one of those companies and you will find hundreds and hundreds of different designs.

That is great news for people who do like to wear cufflinks. The choices are almost endless, from high class cufflinks of gold and silver with precious stones set in them, to strange ones such as a pair of skulls or a pair of hockey sticks, and just about everything in between.

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company, our range of silver cufflinks includes the British Bulldog in stunning silver on a glorious blue background. It is a canine representation of Sir Winston Churchill complete with his Homburg hat, bow tie, and, naturally, his ever-present cigar. It sums up our pride in what it means to be British.

We also have the RAF jet engine cufflinks. Back in the 1920’s, Frank Whittle was a young RAF officer who had the idea of using a turbine to power an aircraft. He registered a patent in 1930, although he didn’t actually perform the first flight until 1941. The RAF later came up with the Harrier jet with VTOL – vertical take-off and landing.

Another of our silver cufflinks depicts the Scottish Lion. This is in silver on a dark blue background, the Lion Rampant having its’ origins dating back to the 12th century and the reign of William I as the Royal Banner of Scotland. If you are of Scottish heritage, this is one pair of cufflinks that you will definitely want to have in your armoury.

Then we also have the Celtic Shield cufflinks featuring the Celtic Knot, again in silver, but this time on a dark green background. This dates back to the Iron Age when the Celts were led by warrior chiefs who fought numerous battles. The first example of a Celtic Knot is shown in a fragment of a Gospel Book in Durham Cathedral library and dates from the 7th century.

Every man who wears cufflinks should consider silver ones for regular wear, and you can see some examples here: