Who Wears Cufflinks? It’s 2021 For Goodness’ Sake!

Cufflinks? Who wears cufflinks? It’s the 21st century. Nobody wears cufflinks. Really? It might surprise you to learn that if you go on to Google and search for “buy cufflinks” you get over 87 million results. Try “designer cufflinks” and that gives you 77 million results. So, it...

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Dress To Impress With Our Cufflinks

When it comes to a man’s wardrobe, there is no law which says that you have to wear shirts with French double cuffs and use cufflinks with which to secure them. Quite the opposite, in fact. These days, you can wear whatever you choose, unless you happen to...

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Silver Cufflinks In A Range Of Designs For Everyday Wear

Men who wear cufflinks broadly fall into two different groups. There is the man who wears only one watch and has just one pair of cufflinks, and then there is the man who will own several watches and build up a collection of cufflinks so that he can...

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