Wimbledon Cufflink Company has a diverse range of marine and nautical cufflinks, sure to make a splash and add appeal to your suit. Perfect for anyone that loves sea life and appreciates the finer qualities in life, our nautical designs help you to express your individual taste, and do so in an authentic and stylish way.  It’ll be anchors away with these cufflinks, and we have so many designs to offer you. 

All of our nautical-themed cufflinks are handcrafted to unbelievable standards and come in a range of innovative styles and designs. Find the perfect pair right here, and express your unique style and individuality through our niche nautical collection.

Adding charm and a sense of fun to your look, find out more about our nautical cufflinks in London and send us a message today.  

The Sextant Cufflink/Antique CufflinkThe Sextant Cufflink/Antique Cufflink


The Sextant Cufflink/Antique Cufflink

Turn heads and spark interest as you steer your way through life, bearing this iconic symbol of navigation on your sleeve. Designed for celestial navigation in the 18th century, the...
The Ships Anchor Gold Cufflinks IIThe Ships Anchor Gold Cufflinks II


The Ships Anchor Gold Cufflinks II

A variation on traditional nautical cufflinks, the ships anchor cufflinks II represent safety and endurance. The anchor is a commonly recognised symbol and carries a variety of meanings. The use...