Cufflinks are an important part of your personal style

Why settle for a simple buttoned cuff when you can wear a piece of art on your shirtsleeve? Cufflinks complete a look, adding a subtle but unmistakeable extra element of style to an outfit. They help define the personality of the wearer. Cufflinks are a mark of the well-groomed man.

How to Wear Cufflinks

Wearing cufflinks at work

What you choose to wear is saying something about yourself. Maximise your visual impact at your workplace by wearing a pair of statement cufflinks. Our cufflinks are designed to help you dress for success. Whether evoking cultural tradition or sporting excellence, our designs will give you a contemporary edge with a classical feel.

Historical coats of arms, national iconic images and mythological symbols are all captured in our cufflink designs, waiting to be brought to life by the wearer.

When you stride across the office, or walk into a meeting, you want your colleagues to know what you stand for in terms of style and elegance. Your confidence at work can be bolstered by your confidence in dressing like a gentleman.

How To Put Cufflinks On

Wearing cufflinks socially

In the social world, cufflinks can really shine as an accessory, with the freedom for you to choose a particular set of cufflinks to match the mood of the event. You’re refining your outfit with your cufflinks. You’re making a subtle but powerful personal style statement.

What you wear on your sleeve can tell people about yourself, how passionate, soulful and open you might be. This is boldness through display, a willingness to show the world your style and what you value and, by extension, the kind of person you are. We have the right cufflink design for any social occasion, ready for you to wear make your mark.

Our cufflink designs each have a story to tell, and when you wear them you add their story to your own, creating an irresistible narrative that will draw admirers in.

Where do cufflinks come from?

When you wear cufflinks you tap into a rich vein of cultural history. First came the shirt cuff. The French or double cuff dates back to the time of Louis XIV of France. This large, folded over cuff had no buttons and so required something to keep the ends fastened together.

Originally this would have been ribbon or string, but towards the end of Louis’s reign, in the 16th century, members of the royal court and aristocracy began wearing decorative jewellery, linked by a chain, in their shirt cuffs. Cufflink styles had become more common by the end of the 18th century and eventually cufflinks were established as an essential part of male dress.

How to Wear Cufflinks in Shirt

How to put on cufflinks

First make sure that you’re wearing a shirt with double cuffs. Fold the cuffs back so that the line at the end of the sleeves is even. Hold the two ends of the folded cuff together so that the sides lie flat away from the wrist. Line up the holes in the cuffs.

Move the bullet-shaped catch at the back of the cufflink so that you can insert it through the holes, and then secure it by moving the catch back to the horizontal position. When your arm is by your side the decorative part of the cufflink should be facing outwards.

By wearing cufflinks you’re completing a picture of yourself, enhancing your image with a unique cufflink brand. The art is in the detail, the detail makes the man.