Personalised / Custom Cufflinks in London, UK

Make the ultimate style statement with our customised cufflinks

Make the ultimate style statement with custom cufflinks made right here in London

Wear a stylish set of custom cufflinks and this says something about you as a person. Not only is this a significant statement, it’s a powerful personal message, defining you, and helping you to express yourself through two small items of art.   

Imagine then, how much more powerful this could be if you had a custom cufflink design for a select group of people? This could be a group of gents at a wedding or presented as a gift for guests at a special anniversary. It could also be signature cufflinks created as giveaways for business customers or corporate clients, and sure to impress.

Stylish custom cufflinks you’ll want to wear over and over

Wimbledon Cufflink Company is proud to present you with stylish and wearable art, supplying custom and personalised cufflinks made especially just for you. We believe our cufflinks are the ultimate style symbols, making an authoritative fashion statement, and complementing the look of any suit.

Have your cufflinks custom made by us, and we can create something that is rather exquisite, adding to the sense of impact by designing objects of desire you’ll want to share and enjoy.

We are pleased to announce our cufflink design service for orders of fifty cufflinks or more, and we have many styles to discuss with you, to make them personal and perfect in every tiny detail.

So much more than simple accessories, our bespoke custom cufflinks are sure to make a splash. Find out more about our customised cufflink design in London, and contact us at for more information.