About Wimbledon Cufflinks


Wimbledon Cufflink Company

Wimbledon Cufflink Company is where the cutting edge meets with the traditional. As a world leader in innovative cufflink design we draw our inspiration from British culture and art. We place a high regard on tradition and heritage but look to the future by incorporating these elements into our cufflink designs with a modern twist. Wimbledon Cufflink Company specialises in custom designed cufflinks – we cater for the discerning individual who puts attention to detail and their own individuality first. Why settle for a simple buttoned cuff when you can wear a piece of art on your shirtsleeve?

We understand you.

You’ve worked hard for your achievements and for those you have earned the right to appreciate the good things in life. In times past, knights wore a coat of arms with dignity, whether for pageantry, in combat, or to pursue a maiden’s favour. Like those knights, as a modern, successful man of taste, you can wear our cufflinks with justifiable pride. These individual pieces of wearable art tell your story. The inspiration for our cufflink designs comes from established, iconic motives with an added dash of old school British charm. We bring a modern sensibility to established traditions.