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The history behind the Fokker watch

With our prestige Fokker watch, it will take you back in time with its elegantly engraved Fokker DR.I it’s definitely a perfect piece of history.

The plane, with its magnificent cantilever wings, supported by single interplane struts, surprisingly only had ailerons on the upper wings. The aircraft was created by one of the most important entrepreneurs in global aviation history, Anthony Fokker. In this blog, we give you facts about the most famous airplane of WW1 and the man nicknamed ‘The Flying Dutchman.’ 

The Fokker’s rival

Initially, the Fokker DR.1 was built in response to the British...

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4 Facts About Griffin Cufflinks to talk about at your next dinner party

If you love gold cufflinks that are stylish, tasteful and rich with meaning then you will love the Griffin Cufflinks.

The griffin is a legendary creature with the head and wings of a eagle, and the body of a lion. As the lion is traditionally considered the king of the beasts, and the eagle is considered the king of the birds, the griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic mythical creature. The Griffin cufflinks display this power, decadence and prestige.

Here are four things to say about your griffin cufflinks next time you are at...

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Hidden Meanings, Symbols and Facts about Our Fleur De Lis Cufflinks

Are you interested in the Fleur De Lis Cufflinks? Have you ever wondered what the symbolism and significance is behind the fleur de lis symbol? Read more here.

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How to wear Cufflinks - By the Cultured Gentleman

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