Some Of The Cufflinks In Our North American Range 

Cufflinks Dedicated To Honour The United States

Wimbledon Cufflink Company is honoured to produce a range of North American cufflinks including the American Eagle. The bald eagle is a sea eagle and is both the national bird and the national animal of the US. It is not actually bald but has a white head and a white tail with a brown body. We have included it in our North American cufflinks range as it is also on the seal of the United States. 

Also in our North American cufflinks range is the longhorn bull. The bull is a beast of great power and virility and is the symbol of the Lone Star State of Texas. It is to be found everywhere in the state, on road signs, on shopfronts, on bars, and more. It is also used by the Longhorns, the football team of the University of Texas at Austin. In our North American cufflinks range we have depicted it in black on a striking red background. 

Another of our North American cufflinks is the American Star. On the American flag the five-pointed star represents statehood, but it also stands for the proud military history of the United States and its’ involvement as a foremost defender of the freedoms of the Western World. Where there is tyranny and oppression, you will always find America seeking to right wrongs and level the playing field for those suffering persecution. This is why at Wimbledon Cufflink Company we are proud to honour the fact that America will not let despotism rule, by including the American Star in our North American cufflinks range.

The American Eagle CufflinkThe American Eagle Cufflink


The American Eagle Cufflink

The American Eagle- Steely pride and steady elegance characterised by the national bird of the United States. If anything captures what it is to be proud, it is the bald...
Thin Blue Line Cufflinks- The Police StyleThin Blue Line Cufflinks- The Police Style


Thin Blue Line Cufflinks- The Police Style

The thin blue line is the barrier between safety and chaos, law and order. Those that wear and represent this line risk their lives to protect the world from injustice...
Washington Silver CufflinkWashington Silver Cufflink


Washington Silver Cufflink

The unmistakeable profile of the first president of the United States, beautifully captured in vivid silver on deep blue. America’s Founding Father has an assured place in history and in...