Revolutionise your style with the USA cufflinks by the Wimbledon Cufflink Company.  The USA cufflinks are strong, patriotic and distinctive, proud to symbolise the power and success of the united nations of America.

 Steeped in history, this collection will proudly put the finishing touches to any ensemble – making them perfect for a wealth of occasions. Drawing on the very essence of the USA, our collection marks a true celebration of all that America stands for: freedom, unity, liberty and ambition.

 Choose from a range of stylish, matching USA cufflinks and be filled with adoration for your homeland or one of the most revered nations in the world. Much more than merely an accessory, our USA collection gives you a sense of identity, rooted in the strong values that have endured for hundreds of years.

 To find the perfect set of American cufflinks to complement your style, please take a closer look at our range. If you’d like to learn more about our USA collection, you can contact us here today.

The American Eagle CufflinkThe American Eagle Cufflink


The American Eagle Cufflink

The American Eagle- Steely pride and steady elegance characterised by the national bird of the United States. If anything captures what it is to be proud, it is the bald...
Thin Blue Line Cufflinks- The Police StyleThin Blue Line Cufflinks- The Police Style


Thin Blue Line Cufflinks- The Police Style

The thin blue line is the barrier between safety and chaos, law and order. Those that wear and represent this line risk their lives to protect the world from injustice...
The Bald Eagle’s Head Silver CufflinkThe Bald Eagle’s Head Silver Cufflink


The Bald Eagle’s Head Silver Cufflink

A distinctive symbol of great strength and visionary leadership, boldly displayed in silver against a blue background. Many great empires and cultures throughout history have revered the eagle as a...
Washington Silver CufflinkWashington Silver Cufflink


Washington Silver Cufflink

The unmistakeable profile of the first president of the United States, beautifully captured in vivid silver on deep blue. America’s Founding Father has an assured place in history and in...