A Huge Range Of Designer Cufflinks from Wimbledon Cufflink Company

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company we have a huge range of designer cufflinks. We are nothing if not creative, and all our cufflinks are in either silver or gold.

In fact, the first part of our business is design. We love to sit down and think up some ideas that we can translate into something that any gentleman would be proud to show off on his shirt cuffs. Something that is elegant and makes a statement about the sort of person you are. The man who not only likes to show his individuality but also dresses to respect.

This is why we have a range of cufflinks that display the emblems and heraldry of countries such as those that comprise the United Kingdom, along with some of those of our American and Canadian cousins, and French, German, and Spanish cufflinks as well.

Take a look at our English Oak or English Rose for example. What more could demonstrate the pride of an Englishman in his country by wearing one of those on his cuffs? Then there are the English Lion, the Three Lions, the Wimbledon Eagle, the Crown, and more, all on stunning coloured backgrounds and displayed in gold.

For the proud Welshman, we have the Welsh Dragon – and it is not in red! Yes, we know, but we have honoured the 14th-century hero Owain Gwyndwr who flew the dragon on his banner over Caernarfon Castle when fighting the English. It is in gold on white – the same as Owain’s flag.

However, as an aside, we also produce bespoke cufflinks, so if you want a red Welsh Dragon on a green and white background, we can make it for you.
Then we have the Scottish Thistle in gold on deep purple and the Scottish Lion Rampant in gold on deep blue. We haven’t forgotten the Irish, either, with a wonderful shamrock in white and gold on blue.

But maybe the national flag is not your “thing”. No matter, we have animal cufflinks with the American Eagle and the Longhorn Bull of Texas, or nautical cufflinks with an anchor, another with a gold sextant on light blue, and a whole lot more besides. If you are the man who dresses to impress – which is to be admired – browse through our cufflink range and choose something that defines who you are.

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