A Man Who Wears Cufflinks Stands Out From The Crowd

At Wimbledon Cufflinks Company we sometime get some funny looks when we are at a party and are introduced to someone and get chatting. “So, what do you do for a living?” they’ll ask. And we reply: “We are a cufflink manufacturer”.

“Cufflinks? Who ever wears cufflinks? How do you ever make any money?” That’s the way it goes sometimes.

However, the fact is that while cufflinks are not as popular as they used to be, there are still plenty of men who do wear cufflinks and they do so for a number of reasons. Cufflinks have a long history and they have always had periods when lots of people wore them, and others when they fell out of fashion. For instance, when the industrial revolution took place, it became easy to mass-produce cufflinks and at that time every man and his dog wore them.

Just at present, they are in an “out of fashion” period, but that doesn’t alter the fact that men of taste and standing still wear them. And they do so because first and foremost thy want to because they are “that” type of man, and second because they know full well that wearing cufflinks makes them stand out from the crowd and gets them noticed.

For instance, if you are a member of parliament, or want to become one, so you are standing for a political party, you will wear a suit and tie together with cufflinks because people will recognise that you are someone special simply from the way that you dress. They may not even like your brand of politics but will still have respect for you as an individual. As a politician that is what you need first and foremost – respect. It gets you votes. We don’t want to get drawn into politics ourselves, but there are certain very well-known politicians for whom we would never vote in a million years, yet we still have respect for them.

So it goes in many other walks of life. Royalty wear cufflinks. Earls and dukes do. Many, many company directors do also: the bigger their business, the more important it is to shine and stand out in front of their employees. Many different jobs also require men to look very smart. For instance, if you work for a funeral director, it is part of the job to look smart. If you work as a salesman in many furniture stores, you need to look smart because you have to impress customers if you want to make sales. You can’t do that in the clothes that you wear to go to a football match on a Saturday afternoon.

And in all of this, wearing cufflinks will always set you apart from the man who is not. This is because, at the end of the day, cufflinks are a small decorative item of jewellery that can be worn by a man. OK, we can’t wear a pretty brooch or necklace as a woman can, but we can wear cufflinks.

Of course, cufflinks need to be chosen with care. If you look online there is a never-ending range of different cufflinks from which to choose, but unfortunately an awful lot of them can only be described as “tacky” or even worse. Cufflinks that gain you respect are the order of the day, and there are still plenty of those around as well.

For instance, here at Wimbledon Cufflink Company we produce designer cufflinks in a wide choice of different patterns in gold and silver and some outstanding colours to go with the shirt of your choice. We don’t produce cufflinks that are “jokey” or a gimmick. Certainly, those can have their place, but if you want to be taken seriously you need serious cufflinks.

And referring to what we said earlier about chatting to people at parties, yes, we do have a substantial number of customers who want to be taken seriously and who want top quality cufflinks with tasteful patterns and designs. If you would like to join them and be taken seriously yourself, then we welcome you aboard with open arms. Take a tour of our many different designs and colour schemes and see what we have to offer.