Coming Out of Lockdown, Cufflinks are the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

What makes cufflinks such a relevant Father’s Day gift on June 21, as we start to come out of lockdown?

You might think that with so many people working from home, or not being at work at all, that the cufflink is hardly a necessary gentleman’s accessory.

But because things have been so different for so many men and their families is exactly the reason why cufflinks are the perfect father’s day gift.

A Sign of Appreciation, and Hope

Father’s Day is all about showing your appreciation.It should matter, then, that anything you offer as a gift is meaningful in some way. What, then, would a set of designer cufflinks mean on Father’s Day?

This year is different, because it’s been such a strange, and sometimes stressful experience for so many people.

A set of cufflinks says that even though we’re still in the midst of an emergency and coronavirus is still out there, we can look forward to more normal times.

The time will come when your dad will be able to put on his crisp shirt, to look his absolute best, and to go back out into a world that is on the road to recovery.

And when he wears those Father’s Day cufflinks you gave him, he’ll remember, and he’ll think of how much you appreciate him.

What Will His Cufflinks Say About Him?

The beauty of our designer cufflinks is how they complement the personality of the wearer.

 A well-chosen design speaks volumes about someone and the subtle style statement they wish to make.

A Sense of Heritage

For the man with a sense of heritage, who wants to tap into a shared past to express himself in the here and now, we’ve got a range of cufflinks based on familiar symbols and figures.

Have a look at our range of designs inspired by heraldic symbols, such as the Fleur de Lis, the Three English Lions, the Scottish Lion and the English Rose.

The Man of Mystery

A symbol worn as an accessory may ask more questions than it answers, giving the wearer an air of mystery.

For the man of mystery, our cufflink designs include the Hand of Hamsa, the Sextant, the DNA Double Helix and the Circuit Board

Patterns to Intrigue

For some men, what they wear on their sleeve must be decorative and, from a design perspective, spot-on.

Our patterned cufflinks are the perfect wearable gift for the man who appreciates good design.

Explore our Mediterranean Sunburst, Spanish Moonlight and Rose of Notre Dame designs.

Spirit of Resilience

 In testing times, what better way to help him celebrate Father’s Day than with a characterful cufflink design that captures that sense of keeping calm and carrying on? That’s exactly what the British Bulldog cufflink has to say.

Buy Designer Cufflinks Online for Father’s Day

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