Cufflinks Can Work In A Variety Of Ways

Cufflinks come in a range of different designs, and we are not just talking about the patterns on the front face, but the way in which the cufflinks work.

The most common style is the bullet back. This has the front face with the pattern or design on it which is fixed to a post which is the part that goes through the holes in the cuff. At the other end of the post is the toggle in the shape of a bullet which turns through 90°. You turn the toggle parallel to the post to push it through the cuff, and then turn it back so that it locks the link into place.

Another design is the whaleback cufflink which has a toggle in the shape of a whale’s tail. This works in the same way as the bullet back does.

Then there are stud, or button style, cufflinks which have a fixed post and a fixed stud or button at the other end. These are more difficult to push through the holes in the cuff, of course. Chain link cufflinks usually have two identical faces which are held together by a chain instead of a post.

Ball Return Cufflinks

Ball return cufflinks have a curved post and at the end opposite the face is a smaller ball which has to be pushed through the holes. A more contemporary design is the dual action cufflink in which both the face and the toggle move against the post. You can also get silk knot cufflinks made of silk, obviously, with a knot at each end. Again, more difficult to insert, but very cheap to buy and available in a range of colours.

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company, our cufflinks are very similar to the bullet back design, but the toggle is a slightly curved oval shape.

We have a very large choice of designs on the face, many of which are in our heritage range such as the English Rose cufflinks. This was also known as the Tudor Rose because Henry VIII used it to represent peace following the Wars of the Roses, which lasted for one hundred years between the House of Lancaster and the House of York. The English Rose today is the emblem of, among others, the English Rugby Team. We present the Rose in gold on a bright blue background. 

We also produce heritage cufflinks in other patterns for England, as well as designs for Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.