Cufflinks That Make You Proud Of The Country Of Your Birth

Cufflinks have been around for 100’s of years and they have been in fashion, out of fashion, in again, over a very long period. Originally, men tied their sleeves together with pieces of string. This then developed into fancy ribbons, and then into cufflinks which became small works of art. However, these small works of art were only for the rich, many of them containing precious gems.

That all changed with the Industrial Revolution when manufacturing such things as cufflinks became simple, and they were made available to the man in the street.

Today, of course, many of the shirts that men wear have single cuffs with buttons, so there is no need for cufflinks. However, men of distinction still prefer to wear double cuffed shirts with cufflinks, because the cufflinks themselves can say a lot about a man. We have said this before, but it is still true, and that is that directors of large companies wear cufflinks. Your MP (if a man) will often wear cufflinks, as will other people of importance. These people like to look good, and their cufflinks can send a message about them.

Heritage Cufflinks

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company we produce and market a wide range of cufflinks, one of the most popular series being our Heritage Cufflinks. These demonstrate your pride in the country of your birth, and we have many designs of British Heritage Cufflinks for all of the four countries of the UK. But we don’t stop there. We have Heritage Cufflinks for the US, Canada, France, Spain, and even Roman and Moorish cufflinks.

For instance, our English designs include the English Oak which depicts the tree in which Charles II hid from the Roundheads after the battle of Worcester in 1651, (which he lost!). Then there is the English Rose and the Three English Lions. We have the Crown, the Wimbledon Eagle, and with a nod to Sir Frank Whittle, the Jet Engine.

If you are Scottish, there is the Scottish Lion. We have the Shamrock for the Irish, and for the Welsh there is the Welsh Dragon (of course!) and the Celtic Shield.

For the Americas we have the American Eagle and the American Star, the Washington cufflink depicting the head of the great George Washington himself, and the Bald Eagle.

There are many others, so if you are proud of your heritage take a look and find the perfect pair of cufflinks for you.