Cufflinks: What You Need To Know About The Way They Work

Cufflinks come in a variety of different models in the sense of how they operate. Probably the most common type is the bullet back cufflink. This has the outer face, which is the part that is visible on the outer side of the cuff, which is attached to a solid post which goes through the holes in both cuffs, and a bullet-shaped toggle at the other end which turns through 90°. In order to put the cufflinks on, you turn the toggle so that it is parallel with the post, slip it through both cuffs, and then switch the toggle back through 90° so that it is at right angles to the post and thus holds the cuffs together.




Another common design is the whaleback which is similar to the bullet back with the toggle in the shape of a whale’s tail. Then there are stud/button designs which have no moving parts, with the inside end of the post smaller than the face. These are more difficult to put on, but just as secure once in place.


Another design is ball return which has a large ball face with a design on it, and a curved post with again a smaller ball on the inside. A more modern design is the locking dual-action cufflink which works in a similar way to a metal watch strap.


We still have the original chain link cufflinks with two end pieces joined together by a small chain. And there are also silk knot cufflinks which simply consist entirely of silk knotted at each end. You just push one knot through the holes in the cuffs. Both knots are the same. The silk comes in a range of different colours to match or contrast with your shirt. These cufflinks are very cheap, but because of the material they don’t tend to last very long. They are also not the sort of cufflinks that you would wear to a formal occasion, or even for work.


The range of patterns of cufflinks available is enormous, and a new one that we have just produced is The Thin Blue Line Police Cufflinks. In common with all our cufflinks, these feature a bullet back type of fastening.


Set on a black background, The Thin Blue Line Police Cufflinks demonstrate solidarity with our police forces and those who work within them to safeguard the rest of us. These cufflinks are perfect for showing support for the law and they can be worn for any occasion.