Designer Cufflinks Evoke the Past to Celebrate the Present

Here, at Wimbledon Cufflink Company, we often use our shared culture and history as inspiration for our designer cufflink range.

The past is something we carry with us, and we can draw upon it to celebrate the present. This applies to the things we wear too, because style is as much about heritage as it is about the here and now.

Celebrating the Present through the Past 

It won’t have escaped your attention that this year marked the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

 This was an international day of remembrance, acknowledgement of the sacrifices previous generations made, but also a day of celebration.

 These celebrations for 8 May 2020 had been long-planned, way before the current coronavirus crisis.

 Obviously, with lockdown and social distancing measures in force across so many countries, plans have had to be altered.

 But the most important thing is the spirit of VE Day, and how this heritage can help us understand and deal with the present situation.

 What does all this have to do with designer cufflinks?

 We’ve always understood the power of heritage and the past, and we’ve drawn on it to create cufflink designs that truly resonate with people.

 This isn’t simply nostalgia, but rather a way of channelling the deep-seated symbols of shared identity through new ways.

 Most of all, these designs enable individual cufflink-wearers to express their own personalities through the accessories they choose to wear.

 Designer Cufflinks and Bold Statements about Freedom

 Just as VE Day is about a celebration of freedom through victory, so the perfect cufflink design is about celebrating personal freedom through style.

 The British Bulldog cufflink is a playful characterisation of the spirit of the time, summing up that vivid sense of courage, pride and dogged determination we associate with Winston Churchill and the war years.

 And yet, transplanted to 21st century wearable style, this symbol captures a whole new quality of quirkiness and display.

 This is how the past inspires us to celebrate the present.

 Similarly, the American Star cufflink draws on familiar imagery associated with military culture but casts it in a radical new light in the context of a modern accessory. Worn on the sleeve, it too makes a bold, contemporary style statement.

 What is the Lasting Legacy of VE Day?

 You don’t have to be nostalgic about the past, or to be a fervent nationalist, to appreciate the lasting legacy of VE Day.

 It represents victory, true, but also reminds us of how international peace, goodwill and cooperation have given us unprecedented levels of health, wealth and wellbeing.

 And it reminds us that pride in certain symbols can be a good thing, and that these symbols have a long afterlife, with a meaning that resonates.

 Currently, we all face a degree of uncertainty which many generations after the war are unfamiliar with. But the symbols we recognise, and what they represent, can give us a sense of reassurance. They symbolise resilience, and an optimism that we can all come through this.

 Is it time to for you to be bold? Wear something that will enhance your personal  style, that makes a statement, and that celebrates the present by evoking the past.

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