Dressing Formally And Wearing Cufflinks Shows Respect

As you no doubt know already, we have a huge range of cufflinks available in a wide variety of designs. Men of distinction still wear suits with ties and will use double cuff shirts and cufflinks, because they are a small piece of art-work that makes the individual stand out.

Take a look at our newsreaders on the television. You don’t see them in jeans and a T-shirt which seems to be a fashion in certain circles. No, they understand the importance of the job that they are doing, and they know that they have to dress for the part. There would be an outcry if they didn’t, so they won’t even forgo the tie and wear an open-necked shirt as some men seem to think is all right.

By all means, settle for the jeans and T-shirt when you are not on duty. That is perfectly acceptable unless you have been invited to a dinner party when a formal dress is a way to go. But when you are working you need to dress impeccably, and it pays off in spades for those who do, because it shows that they respect their customers/viewers/constituents or whoever, and that invites respect in turn. It’s a two-way street: if you want the respect of the people you serve, then you have to earn it.

This is why, at Wimbledon Cufflink Company, we have a huge number of customers in the upper echelons of society who understand that dressing formally is a necessity. So they will wear double cuff shirts and choose from our range of cufflinks. There is a very wide choice, after all.

However, you could even go one better, and that is to have personalised cufflinks. Yes, we can make personalised silver cufflinks or personalised gold cufflinks for you, incorporating any design of your choice. Why not have your managers wearing personalised cufflinks with your company logo on them? And your salesmen as well? That really helps to underscore the importance of your business with your customers. You could even use them as giveaways to customers at tradeshows or exhibitions. It’s another great way to keep the name of your business at the forefront.

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