Five Top Tips to Be a Well-dressed Gentleman

As specialists in unique and striking cufflink designs, we know that to make the most of your cufflinks, you need the style to go with them. 

Style is different to fashion. Fashion comes and goes, but style is forever. It is enduring and if you get it right, it can be a powerful part of your individual signature and how you interact with the world. 

Being a well-dressed gentleman is, of course, a question of style, and here are our five top tips to help you achieve the right look. 

  1. The Suit 

The suit is the perfect solution to being well-dressed, and to have full confidence in your own, individual style. 

Wear your suit properly and it doesn’t have to be something that only works in formal or business situations. 

The right suit is adaptable for all sorts of settings, because it is really about how you wear it. 

This means it needs to fit you properly. There’s nothing worse than a suit that’s too big or too tight. Know your measurements and if you need to get anything adjusted, then do so. 

It’s important that you are wearing the suit, and not that the suit is wearing you. What this means is that you know how to look your best. 

For example, don’t stuff your pockets with bulky items which will affect the line of your suit when you wear it. 

Make sure you know which jacket buttons to do up and which to leave undone: 

  • Three buttons – always do up the middle button, but never do up the bottom button. The top button is a matter of personal taste. 
  • Two buttons – only do the top button up. 

Only unbutton your suit jacket when you sit down. 

  1. Trouser Length 

This can be a common problem when wearing a suit. Your trouser leg should cover half of your shoe at the back. 

Trousers that are too small and flap around the ankles is not a good look for a suit. However, neither are suit trousers that are too long and either drag on the floor or bunch around the ankles, interrupting the line of the leg. 

If you check that your suit trousers come to the right place on your shoe, this should ensure they are the right length. 

  1. The Right Shirt 

The shirt you wear under your suit must be the right fit, and the right kind of shirt, if you are to look the part of the well-dressed gentleman. 

The cuff of the shirt sleeve should cover the wrist as far as the base of the thumb. When you wear your suit jacket, you should be able to see at least half an inch (12mm) of the shirt cuff below the wrist of the jacket material. 

Make sure the fit of the shirt is good, not too big and blousy, but also not too tight. The collar should sit against the body of the shirt, neither curling up or sticking out. 

  1. Choose Your Tie 

The choice of tie is often where people like to express themselves, often going for bold, colourful or unusual patterns. 

A word of warning though: resist novelty tie designs which can undermine the overall effect of your image. 

Tie length is important. Once you’ve knotted your tie, the tip should lie in the middle of your belt. There should be no gap at the top where the tie meets the opening of your shirt collar. 

Avoid going for either too small or too large tie-knots. If you want your tie to add some subtle contrast to your well-fitted suit then this should only come through the choice of colour or design, not how you tie your tie. 

  1. Cufflinks to Add Detail 

The way you choose to accessorise your suit can be the small but critical element of detail which just adds that extra degree of differentiation to your style. 

This is where the uniquely designed cufflink comes into its own. 

It allows you to express your individuality without overwhelming, or undermining, the classic styling of your complete image. 

There’s no need to shout your style from the rooftops when a careful bit of detailing will do the job more effectively, adding a subtle aspect of intrigue to your image. 

Wear designer cufflinks with confidence, as an extension of your personality, made to be timelessly stylish and carefully charismatic.

Little things make big things happen. 

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