Going To A Wedding? You Need To Choose Your Cufflinks With Care

2022 is becoming a very busy year for weddings. This is because we have had two years of lockdown which meant that many couples have had to put off their weddings since there was no way to invite family and friends to that very special day. Now that is behind us, for the most part, weddings are on once again.

Planning a wedding involves a considerable number of things on your “to do” list – the venue, the décor, the catering, possibly a band for the evening, bride’s dress, hairstyles, bridesmaids, transport, and possibly accommodation for family or friends coming from afar.

For the men, as well as the women, there is the dress to consider. For the most part, dressing for a wedding requires formal attire, and that means a dark suit, formal shirt, smart leather shoes (black, not brown), a tie or possibly a bow tie depending upon the level of formality, and of course, a pair of smart cufflinks.

Cufflinks For A Wedding Should Be Formal

When choosing cufflinks for a wedding, it is wise to err on the side of formal in order to go with the overall appearance that you want to convey on the big day. That means none of those so-called “comedy” cufflinks that you can find.

Cufflinks, for those new to them, are small, decorative accessories that serve the purpose of closing the double cuffs of a formal shirt, while at the same time adding adornment to the overall appearance of a man. They can be fitted to the cuffs in different ways, according to the design of the cufflink. The most common types of fitting today are the bullet back cufflink and the whale back.

The face of the cufflink is the decorative part that shows on the outside of the wrist, and to this is attached a short post which goes through both cuffs. On the other end of the post opposite the face is a short toggle in the shape of a bullet or the tail of a whale - hence the names – which turns through 90°. To put the cufflink on, you turn the toggle so that it is parallel to the post, push post and toggle through both cuffs, and turn the toggle back through 90° to lock it into position. Simple.

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company, we produce a range of unique cufflinks that are perfect for a man to wear to a wedding. If the event is going to be very formal – white tie or black tie, for instance – then why not consider our Black-Tie Silver Cufflinks? These are a restrained black and silver design and are a great choice for a wedding. There is also our Formal 925 Sterling Silver Cufflink as an alternative option and, as the name implies, perfect for a wedding.

In addition, we produce a range of gold cufflinks, including the English Oak Cufflinks which proudly display the oak in gold on a dark green background – another fine idea for a wedding.