If You Want To Get On In Life, Wear Cufflinks

Here’s the thing: you don’t need to wear cufflinks to hold your shirt cuffs together, because simple buttons will do the job just fine. However, wearing a pair of cufflinks will elevate your status tenfold because it lifts you out of the realm of the ordinary man to someone who is special.

Quite simply, this is because not every man wears cufflinks today. Indeed, if you do wear cufflinks, you are in the minority, but it is an exclusive minority which sets you apart from what is sometimes known as the hoi polloi. You are above and beyond.

People who wear cufflinks are respected, and the reason that they are respected is because they themselves are showing respect. If you go into the office dressed in jeans and a T-shirt – as some people do – it shows no respect for the company you work for, the job that you have, and the people who are your bosses. Of course, some businesses do not allow that sort of dress in any case, for the foregoing reasons, but it is certainly the case today that many do.

This is possibly because of the rise and rise of technology and the fact that many tech companies are run by younger people who have an idea, start up a business, and begin to make a lot of money very quickly. At the same time, these younger men take a rather relaxed view of the way that they dress, and it follows that their employees do too.

Of course, in some businesses it is not permitted to dress in casual fashion. Think the hotel industry for instance. If you are engaged on the reception desk at a hotel, you have to look smart, so you need to wear a suit. But if you want to stand out from your workmates, then you will couple that suit and tie with a formal shirt and a pair of cufflinks. Better still, make them silver cufflinks which will display elegance and show you to be a man of good taste.

Of course, in some businesses you are required to wear a uniform. If you work in somewhere such as Tesco or Waitrose, you have to wear a uniform to demonstrate to customers that you are part of a team. However, you won’t find the shop manager wearing a uniform, and nor will he be wearing an open-necked shirt. No, he will be wearing a formal suit and tie, and in all probability a pair of cufflinks, which demonstrates to all that he is the boss. The big cheese. And if you work there, you’d better respect that.

Furthermore, if you work in Tesco or Waitrose and you want to get promoted to a store manager, you had better wear a suit and tie with cufflinks to go to work, changing into your uniform when you get there, and then changing back again when you leave at the end of the day. People will note that there is something special about you, and you need to get yourself noticed by management. When the area manager visits and talks to the store manager, you want him to remark that “That Jones fellow’s very smart. What part of the store does he work in?” You get yourself noticed by management, and that is how you get on.

Naturally, in a formal setting you will need to wear formal cufflinks. You don’t want to be seen wearing some of the many thousands of “jokey” cufflinks that abound. Well, not in the workplace or at a company dinner anyway. What you wear at the office Christmas party is up to you, but for formal occasions, formal cufflinks are de rigueur.

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