It May Be Summer But There Are Still Occasions That Require Formal Dress

Summer is here, and it’s time to go out into the big wide world and soak up the sun. That means different things to different people. Some head for the beach with a bucket and spade, some head for the woods to walk the dog (and, oddly enough, keep out of the sun!), some go to the park to play with the kids, and some just sit in the back garden. Whatever turns you on.

But there are still occasions when it is necessary to dress smartly. They don’t go away just because the sun is out. You might take a trip to the theatre, attend an official dinner, be a guest at a wedding (quite often at this time of year an outdoor one), or have an important business meeting. For all these sorts of occasions, a man needs to look the part, and that means a smart suit with a shirt and tie. A man in the know will also top this off with a classy pair of designer cufflinks such as the ones we produce at Wimbledon Cufflink Company.  

 Now, depending upon the occasion, you can use a very formal pair of cufflinks or less formal. But not any of those so-called “novelty” cufflinks. They might be OK for a stag do when everyone is fooling about, but not for other occasions.

Silver Cufflinks

Our designer cufflinks range includes silver cufflinks – and we do mean real silver, not just silver-plated. When you are dressing for a formal black-tie event, complete your look with our Formal 925 Sterling Silver cufflinks which are about as smart as you can get, in silver and black, and yet provide a restrained appearance. They are the sort of silver cufflinks that make you stand out because they don’t stand out!

For a less formal occasion, perhaps that West End theatre visit or a dinner party at your favourite local Italian restaurant, then we give you a huge choice of alternatives. One of our most popular pairs, for those who are English, is our Oak Gold Cufflink which depicts the Royal Oak tree in which Charles II hid when trying to evade the Roundheads after the Battle of Worcester in 1651.

You might prefer the English Rose, or perhaps the Three English Lions which is not only the Royal Arms but has also been adopted by our glorious football team. There are many different possibilities. Take a scroll through our gallery and see what catches your eye.