Our Heritage Cufflinks Demonstrate Your Pride In Your Home Country

Wearing jewellery can add to your image, whether you are a man or a woman. Many women wear necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and so on, as an additional ornament to their everyday dress. So, they will have items that they use for everyday wear – going to the office, doing the shopping, visiting family and friends – and others that may be more expensive or more “showy” that they might wear to a dinner party or an evening at the theatre.

We men can wear jewellery as well, of course. Many of us will wear an engagement ring or a wedding ring. Quite a lot of men these days wear a bracelet of some sort as well as an expensive watch. A number of men wear a decorative tie clip. It all adds to the overall image that you present. Otherwise, why buy an expensive watch when all you actually want it to do is tell you what time it is? (And do you really need to know what time it is when you go diving down to 120 feet?!).


But another piece of jewellery which is also extremely practical is a pair of cufflinks. When you wear a formal shirt with double cuffs, a splendid-looking pair of cufflinks completes the ensemble. And if you want to stand out as a man of some importance and one who is to be respected, then a smart pair of cufflinks is the answer. That is why you don’t see the directors of BT, or HSBC, or Unilever, going to the office in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. They dress to stand out and underline the important position that they hold. It also displays respect for others when you dress smartly. A smart pair of cufflinks completes that image.

As with anything else, you need to consider the type of cufflinks that you wear, because there are literally thousands upon thousands of designs available, and some of them are not what you should wear to the office.

Many people choose from the heritage cufflinks that we produce at Wimbledon Cufflink Company. These have been designed to show your pride in your country of birth. So, we have heritage cufflinks for the four countries of the UK, such as the English Rose, the Scottish Lion, the Welsh Dragon, and the Shamrock for Ireland. There are lots and lots more to choose from in our heritage range, so click on the link and browse all your options.