Our new 925 Sterling silver cufflinks. Live 30th October

The Perfect Black Tie Cufflinks- 925 Sterling silver cufflinks 

We are pleased to announce the launch of our 925 Sterling silver cufflinks. 

Dressing for a black tie event is all about embracing sophisticated elegance, and this applies to your accessories too. The Black Tie cufflink is the perfect match for the modern, but timeless, black tie look.

What is the Origin of Black Tie Style?

The concept of the tie itself dates back to France in the seventeenth century, during the Thirty Years’ War, when Louis XIII liked how his Croatian mercenaries wore a piece of cloth tied around the neck.

In fact, he was so keen on this early version of a fashion accessory that he commanded that it must be worn as an accessory at the French court.

He called it a cravat, which was the French word for Croat, in honour of the mercenaries who he’d admired wearing it.

Somewhere along the way, the cravat evolved, until its formal expression became the black tie, with corresponding dinner jacket. In the nineteenth century, this gained popularity as a regular formal attire for men that was an alternative to the evening tailcoat, or Victorian dress coat.

There was, however, a single event which contributes significantly to our modern idea of black tie dress.

In 1886, the tobacco magnate Pierre Lorillard held a formal ball on his estate in Orange County, New York. At it, his son Nathaniel and his friends created a stir by wearing a new kind of tailless tailcoat.

The ball was held by the Tuxedo Club. The name Tuxedo became associated with the evolving design of the new formal dinner jacket.

In the twentieth century, black tie dress moved away from being standard evening wear, and became the outfit of choice for special occasions.

In this way, black tie events themselves were linked intrinsically to the way people dressed for them.

Nowadays, we associate black tie dress with big gala evenings, or significant celebrations, with the bow tie and dinner jacket becoming symbols of glamour and sophistication.

In contemporary culture, this established gentleman’s uniform has lost none of its potency, and it remains the benchmark of high-end, tasteful and impactful dressing.

How to Get Black Tie Right

Looking the part in black tie involves more than simply slipping on a well-cut tuxedo, crisp white shirt and other evening wear. It’s a top-to-toe outfit, with the right accessories, including  black tie cufflinks.

Black tie is about sophistication, and sophistication includes the details as well as the overall impression.

Therefore, there are rules to look out for, and follow.

  • Make sure the jacket fits, and that it is appropriate for the occasion. Single-breasted is best, with peaked or shawl lapels. Black is traditional, but midnight blue will also work. You can push the boundaries with a velvet smoking jacket in more adventurous shade, such as a dark green or burgundy.
  • The dress trousers should match your jacket, with outer seams that correspond with the jacket lapels. Preferably, your trousers will not have belt loops, so the right fit is essential. Or opt for braces.
  • Your evening shirt should be plain white, with a turndown or wing collar. The bib usually has a pleated or piqué finish.
  • Ideally, opt for a black, self-tie bow tie (not one on elastic), or a bow tie that matches your jacket lapels.
  • Shoes should be plain, black shoes, polished immaculately, or, if you’re a bit daring, velvet slippers.
  • You may choose a waistcoat as an accessory, or a cummerbund, though these are less popular nowadays.

Your Black Tie Cufflinks

This is the perfect occasion to wear elegant cufflinks, but keep them simple and sophisticated, with a minimal design.

A cufflink design to match your black tie outfit should work with it, but not detract from it.

Wimbledon Cufflink Company’s Black Tie Cufflink is simple, but highly effective, a deep, glossy black circle set in 925 Sterling silver. 

It’s bold without screaming for attention, and designed to integrate into the whole look of your formal attire, suitable for any black tie occasion.

But the Black Tie cufflink is also versatile in its pared-back elegance, so really, you can wear it on any occasion too, coordinating it with a range of outfits, beyond formal evening wear.

For more details about the Black Tie cufflink, and our full range of unique cufflink designs, please contact us.