Our Thin Blue Line Police Cufflinks And Their History

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company we are always adding to our collection of cufflinks by thinking up new designs that go along with the types of cufflinks that we produce. Not for us the so-called humorous designs such as a pair of ambulances, astronauts, Baby Yoda, batman logos, and a pair like a couple of beer barrels. No, we believe that cufflinks should add to the way a smart man dresses and should impress, so our designs, we hope, do exactly that.

We have come up with some new ideas recently such as our Thin Blue Line Police Cufflinks. This is because the police are often known as just that – the thin blue line – and the history of it is quite fascinating.


The Thin Red Line


The saying dates back to the Crimean War when a “thin red line” of British troops (“redcoats”) held off a Russian cavalry charge. The “thin blue line” actually dates back to the early 1900’s when the United States Army marched into battle in their blue uniforms, and stood together forming a blue line, and this was the beginning of The Thin Blue Line that we know today. In fact, the phrase was first used in a poem in 1911 by Nels Dickmann Anderson. This was then picked up and used by law enforcement officers in the 1950’s to underscore their courage and sacrifice when representing and protecting the people of America.

The Thin Blue Line Police Cufflinks that we have designed show the blue line in a splendid shade of the colour with a fine silver stripe on each side, set on a black background so that the line stands out and cannot be missed. If you are a serving police officer, they are the perfect cufflinks for you for both official and ceremonial occasions. They also make a great present for someone you know who serves in the police force, and can risk his life daily while protecting the population. The design is simple and straightforward.

The Thin Blue Line Police Cufflinks are also a perfect way to demonstrate your appreciation for what our police do and show that you have compassion and respect for them. They are perfect for wearing at any formal gathering, for work, and for public functions, in order to raise awareness of our excellent police forces and garner support from others.