Some Of The Things That You Didn’t Know About Cufflinks

Today, in the 21st century, not all men wear cufflinks. In fact, it is fair to say that those who do are in the minority. This is partly because most people want everything in their life to be as easy as possible: we would go further and say that many people are just plain lazy. Wearing cufflinks means that you have to take them out of their box and actually go to the trouble of fixing them into position in a shirt with double (French) cuffs. Just popping a button through a hole is so much easier, as the button is already fixed into position.

But a button is a button, isn’t it? It comes with the shirt and you can’t change it. But with cufflinks you can make a statement about the sort of individual that you are, and you will stand out from all those men who simply follow the fashion and take the easy way out. And you most certainly will stand out: Fill a room with 50 men all wearing cufflinks and it’s a safe bet that no two men will be wearing the same pair.

This is because there are thousands upon thousands of different designs of cufflinks. Just go online and search for “cufflinks” and there are over 71 million results. Page after page of retailers of cufflinks and each of them has dozens and dozens of different designs, and in some cases hundreds. In fact, there are so many different patterns that it can be very difficult to make a choice when you are searching for cufflinks to buy. You can spend ages browsing all the different patterns. They are available at a wide variety of price points, too - everything from a tenner upwards to, at the top end of the scale, heading towards £20,000.The more expensive ones are made of gold or platinum and set with rare gemstones.

Cufflinks come in different formats as well. The most common is probably the cufflink with a front face with the pattern or gemstone on it. This is attached to the post which is the part that goes through the holes in the shirt cuff, and at the other end is the toggle which pivots through 90° to hold the cufflink firmly in place.

But it doesn’t have to have a post. Some cufflinks have matching faces at each end attached by a chain, so they can have two faces each with the same pattern or with different patterns. The front face can be square, round, oval, or rectangular, but even that can vary since you can have a cufflink with matching faces that are simply bars, perhaps of gold or silver, that are long but fairly narrow so that they slip through the cuff holes easily and are attached by a chain. Then there are ball return cufflinks which have a largish ball at the rear which is attached to the front face either by a chain or a curved post.

There are also silk knot cufflinks which are made of pure silk in a wide variety of different colours with a large matching knot at each end.

Cufflinks are made from a range of different metals. Gold, silver, and platinum are obvious choices, but they are also made of bronze, copper, titanium, and metal alloys. And the face doesn’t have to be square, oblong, round or oval either. Many cufflinks available today have a face which is in the shape of other items such as an anchor, a skull, a violin, a Formula 1 racing car – the range of different patterns is virtually unlimited.

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company we produce cufflinks in a wide choice of patterns, and we place great emphasis on heritage and tradition. So, you can buy heritage cufflinks for men with patterns such as the English Rose in gold on a dark blue background, the three English Lions, the Scottish Lion, the Welsh Dragon, Celtic Shield, the RAF Jet Engine, and so on.

You can also buy heritage cufflinks with French designs such as the Rose of Notre Dame and the Fleur de Lis, or American ones like the American Eagle or George Washington. These are timeless designs that will appeal to men who love their country.