Stand Out From The Crowd With Cufflinks

When it comes to a man’s dress, it is well known that small details can make a very big difference, and none more so than in the case of cufflinks.

Of course, the majority of men today wear shirts with a single cuff and buttons, but then you can’t really make much of a statement with buttons. They are selected by the manufacturers to be as near to the same colour as the shirt itself for the simple reason that they are not supposed to stand out but are meant to blend into the background. They are simply a fixing for the purpose of holding the cuffs together, in much the same way as a bolt on the bathroom door is solely for the purpose of locking the door. It is not meant to stand out and it is not a feature.

But hey – if you need a bolt on the bathroom door for practical purposes, why not make it a pretty bolt? Made in brass, perhaps with an engraved design on it? Then you have something which you have got to have but rather than trying to pretend that it isn’t there, why not make a feature of it instead?

It is the same with cufflinks. You have got to have them there in order to hold the cuffs together because if you have the cuffs flapping about loosely they will look dreadful at best, and at worst could be dangerous if they got caught in a machine or something. So, since you have got to have a mechanism to hold them together, why not make it look pretty? Make a feature of it?

And so, suddenly, we have cufflinks again. We have had them for centuries and they have waxed and waned from time to time. Sometimes they have been very fashionable with almost everyone wearing them, and then at other times they have gone out of fashion, but funnily enough, they always come back after a period in the doldrums.

At the moment they are somewhat in the doldrums, but if you go online and search for cufflinks you can see that there are still plenty of men who choose to wear them because of the sheer numbers of different manufacturers and retailers who are selling them. The colours, shapes, patterns, and different materials from which cufflinks are made go on and on and on.

And, of course, you can buy cufflinks online because they are not like a suit which you need to have fitted. The only difficulty really is making a selection because once you start searching you will find a lot that you don’t like, but you will also find a lot that you do like, and unless you have the good fortune to be able to spend endless amounts of money you are going to have to narrow it down.

The beauty of wearing cufflinks is that you can choose a pair that make a statement about who you are. You can certainly stand out from the crowd. While you may be in a minority of men at the present time, that is actually a good thing. It is a bit like buying a car. Today there are millions of cars on the road, each manufacturer producing just a few models, so you see the same cars time and again.

But what happens when you see a Humber Super Snipe Mk 3, or a 1963 MGB Roadster in red, or a Triumph Herald Convertible on the road? That driver stands out a mile because he is different. He obviously has money, and he is a man of good taste. Exactly the same thing happens when you wear cufflinks: you stand out from the run of the mill.

So, you can buy gold cufflinks online, you can buy silver cufflinks online, and at Wimbledon Cufflink Company we have both, with an amazing choice of patterns on them and in a variety of colours. You really will stand out from the rest when you choose from our range. For instance, there is the DNA Double Helix in gold on a bright blue background, the British Bulldog, the English Lion, and many, many more designs.

Browse our collection, make your choice. And be the man that others respect.