The Wide Choice Of Heritage Cufflinks From Wimbledon Cufflink Company

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company we are extremely proud of our British heritage, to the extent that we have produced a range of British heritage cufflinks which honour the history of our four countries. We also understand that many other countries are proud of their nationalities such as France and the US, and we have Roman and Moorish heritage designs as well.

One of the most popular cufflinks we have is the Crown Cufflink. This is depicted in gold upon a rich red background. Our Queen wears a crown, and now you can wear one too. It is a symbol of power and wealth, and it also carries a sense of dignity, and service to our Queen’s population. Wear a crown and you become an authority – one who is in charge. Our Crown Cufflinks turn you into someone who is to be respected and to whom deference is due.

We also produce the Three English Lions Cufflinks which became the coat of arms of the Plantagenet family in the late 12th century. It was then adopted by a succession of our kings and queens to demonstrate their power and standing within the community and they included Richard the Lionheart, Henry V and Queen Elizabeth 1st. Today of course, the Three Lions are associated with the English National Football team which displays their courage and dignity, and at the same time stands for victory.

Another footballing symbol is the Wimbledon Eagle which has been adopted by Wimbledon Football Club. The eagle goes back to the days of Julius Caesar, as it was the standard carried by his legions. It is believed in some circles that Caesar personally occupied Wimbledon Common when he invaded us in 55 BC. The fret symbols on the bird’s wings are for the Spencer family who once lived in Wimbledon Park House.

Back in 2018, the Royal Air Force celebrate its’ centenary, believe it or not, and for the occasion we designed the RAF Jet Engine Cufflinks in honour of Frank Whittle,. who came up with the idea of using a turbine to power an aircraft. Where would the world be without the jet engine today?

Two Designs For The Welsh

If you are Welsh, we have two cufflink designs for you – the Welsh Dragon and the Celtic Shield. The latter stems back to the Iron Age when the Celts were led by warrior chiefs, and they had symbols that were designed to announce to the world their power and bravery. There are very few written historical records of this time, but it is known that the symbols were held in deep reverence by the Celts. The Welsh Dragon, meanwhile, was the standard of King Arthur, and we have produced it in gold on a background of fiery red.

Also in our heritage cufflinks range is the Shamrock Cufflink that instantly connects with the Irish. It is a young sprig of cover that was used by St Patrick as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity. It has been used as an emblem of Ireland since the 1700’s, and we have it available in white and gold on blue, or white and gold on green, whichever you prefer.

We haven’t forgotten the Scots, either, with our Scottish Lion Rampant cufflinks, with the lion in silver on a dark blue background. The lion is bold, strong, and courageous, and is the King of Beasts.

In addition to our home countries cufflinks, we also have a range of American cufflinks which celebrate the Statue of Liberty, the American Eagle in two different designs, George Washington, the American Star, the Bald Eagle’s Head, and the symbol of the NFL For the many Americans who love the sport.