Unique Cufflinks From Wimbledon Cufflink Company

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company all of our cufflinks are unique cufflinks in the sense that they are all designed and made in-house by our own craftsmen. They are small individual pieces of art, and they tell a story about you, your heritage, and the man who you have become through your own efforts. Our cufflinks are inspired by iconic established motives and many of them with respect to the great traditions of Britons over the ages.

Back in the day, our knights wore their coat of arms to signify the pageantry of their past, and in battle to proudly display their allegiance to their leader. They also wore them to pursue the favour of a maiden. Today, we no longer wear a coat of arms, so the nearest we can get to acknowledging our history and our pride in it, are the unique cufflinks that we produce with honour.

It is true that clothes make the man, and it is also true that your choice of cufflinks can make or break your carefully put together image. This is one reason why we do not produce any of the “novelty” type cufflinks that you can find all over the internet. Our cufflink designs are intended to make you look the man you are, and not just to make a joke or have a laugh. Certainly, there may be one or two occasions when a novelty pair of cufflinks can be fun, such as at a birthday party or a day’s outing to the races for the boys.

But in general, cufflinks should be respected for what they are – small pieces of art that make a statement about the wearer, who he is, and in many cases where he is going. This is why it is important to choose your cufflink designs wisely and select the right pair for the occasion.

For this reason, you should also have a selection of different cufflinks so that you can choose what is appropriate. A few pairs of silver or gold cufflink designs can make you stand out at a board meeting or a company dinner. One or two pairs that use gemstones in the design are also useful.

Heritage Designs

Many of our customers choose from our range of heritage designs which includes patterns that tell the world that you respect and are inspired by your birthright. So, we have designs that tell the world that you are English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, American, French, and even Spanish or of Italian descent. You can choose from the various different patterns for each country.

So, you might want to select our American Eagle cufflinks showing the eagle in gold on a dark blue background, or a similar American Eagle in silver on blue. We also have the American Star, a five-pointed star in silver on dark green, or perhaps the Washington cufflinks which show the head of the first president of the United States in silver on blue. Maybe you would prefer the head of the Statue of Liberty representing, as she does, freedom from tyranny and oppression. She is depicted in gold on dark blue. Or you could choose the Bald Eagle’s Head in gold and blue, or even our National Football League cufflinks which depict the national sport of America in red, white, and blue with a gold detailing.

If you are Irish, you will like our Shamrock cufflinks in bright white and gold. This is available with a blue background, or a green background as you wish, and shows the young sprig of clover that has links to St. Patrick and has been used as a symbol of Ireland since the 18th century.