What Cufflinks Should I Wear At My Friend’s Wedding?

That is a question that we very often get asked at Wimbledon Cufflink Company because everyone wants to dress well for a friend’s wedding, but at the same time it is important not to overdo things and outshine the groom! So, we should really start with what cufflinks should you not wear at your friend’s wedding.

For example, you should not wear a pair of silver or gold cufflinks that are sporting a pair of great big diamonds in them. Or sapphires. Or rubies. Or emeralds.

You may be very proud of them and they may have cost you a small fortune, so good on you. If you can afford them, because you perhaps run a successful business or work in a senior position in a major company. But you don’t want to make your friend look small on his wedding day. Or for that matter, the groom if your friend is the bride.

 Here is another type of cufflink that you should not wear to your friend’s wedding: any of those so-called “novelty” cufflinks that seem to abound anywhere and everywhere these days. There are thousands upon thousands of them. You know, cufflinks showing Baby Yoda from Star Wars, imitation silver ones with “Bald & Sexy” written on them, Batman, beer barrels, HP sauce bottles, Brussels sprouts, bullets, carrots, monkeys – the list is virtually endless.

You do NOT wear those to your friend’s wedding. It is the best day of the lives of the bride and groom, so you need to wear something that is in keeping with the occasion, not making a joke of it.

What Sorts Of Cufflinks Are Appropriate?

Right, having got that out of the way, let’s consider what sort of cufflinks are appropriate for a wedding. What you need is something that is smart and formal. It could also relate to your friend in some way or another such as his or her job or perhaps ancestry. What you don’t want is cufflinks that stand out and shout “Look at me. I’m important”. It is not your day. It is that of your friend.

Looking at some of the unique cufflinks that we produce at Wimbledon Cufflink Company, if you or your friend are English, you could choose something symbolic such as our English Rose cufflinks which depict the English Rose in gold on a bright blue background. Or perhaps the English Oak. Or the Three English Lions in gold and red. If Welsh, why not the Welsh Dragon? That would be an obvious choice. Then we have the Scottish Lion, the Scottish Shield, and the Shamrock for the Irish. Any of those could be suitable.

Perhaps your friend works in the police, in which case one of our latest designs is the Thin Blue Line cufflinks which show the blue line on a black background.

What about the Griffin cufflinks? The Griffin is a mythological creature dating back to at least 3000 BC in Egypt and is associated with the Holy Grail and the Tree of Life. Spend some time looking through our gallery for inspiration.

Certainly, when you are going to your friend’s wedding you need to consider your options. But above all, restrained, formal, and smart.