Why Not Have Personalised Cufflinks?

Cufflinks have been around for hundreds of years, having first been used in the reign of Louis XIV of France in the early 1500’s. Prior to that, men tied their shirt cuffs together with pieces of string! Practical, but not very pretty! This developed into the use of ribbons and cloths in a variety of materials, and these were worn by prominent men.

Fast forward 200 years to the 1700’s and this saw the introduction of gold or silver chains attached to small glass baubles known as boutons de manchette in France, or “sleeve buttons”. Some years later the glass baubles began to be replaced by decorative buttons crafted from jewels – often diamonds – and they became an integral part of the wardrobe of a gentleman. Of course, the working classes could not afford such luxuries.

However, the Industrial Revolution arrived, and it became easier to produce cufflinks from lesser materials, and the face of the cufflink could have any number of different patterns and colours on it, so cufflinks became popular for all men.

Since those days, cufflinks have dropped out of fashion, come back again, dropped away again over periods of years. Of course, today many men wear shirts that have a button attached and so don’t need to use cufflinks. However, believe it or not, there is still a large swathe of the male population that does wear them. Just Google “buy cufflinks” and you get over 31 million results!

The range of patterns and designs is endless, as you will see if you start scrolling through the various websites. Many men will have a collection of all sorts of different designs, from which they can choose the most appropriate for the day.

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company however, we go a stage further. While we have a huge selection of different patterns available, we will also produce personalised cufflinks for you for a minimum order of 100.

That’s right! So, you could have personalised silver cufflinks for instance, with any type of design or pattern on the face that you wish. This opens up a world of possibilities.

For example, you could have us produce personalised silver cufflinks, or gold cufflinks, with your company logo on them. Just imagine what you could do with that! All your sales team can wear them. You can give them away at exhibitions to customers or visitors to your stand. You could give them to shareholders at your AGM. The possibilities are boundless.