Wimbledon Cufflink Co Reveals Bold New Cufflink and Watch Designs

New Cufflink Designs

Giving the traditional a contemporary boost, the Wimbledon Cufflink Company reveals its latest designs, and extends its product range to classic timepieces. The company specialises in wearable art – statement cufflinks, and now watches – that evokes a sense of timeless charisma and historical heft.

What you wear on your sleeve matters. This is the philosophy of the innovative Wimbledon Cufflink Company. It is the details that make the difference.

“Cufflinks should perfectly complement whatever else you’re wearing,” Chris Ostlund, Director of the Wimbledon Cufflink Company, announced at the launch of his latest designs.

“Our approach is to take what you might typically think of as traditional symbols and motifs and give them a contemporary upgrade.”

Modern Cufflinks Styles

New Cufflink Designs

The company’s latest cufflink designs are: the American Star, SPQR, the Fleur-de-lis and the Maple Leaf.

The intention is to combine culturally-specific imagery with a cross-cultural appeal, drawing on historically significant emblems, heraldry, and military and sporting symbols.

“You don’t have to have a particular attachment to what we’ve chosen as our cufflink designs,” Chris commented, “but they resonate as things that have powerful, cultural associations.”

For this latest collection, the Wimbledon Cufflink Company has widened its brief to include North America, Canada, French royalty and Ancient Rome.

The selection is eclectic and elegant, and unusual enough to draw attention without being too flashy. The Wimbledon Cufflink Company’s ethos is always to combine tasteful classicism with dynamic, contemporary design. 

Modern Cufflinks Styles & Designs

And Watches Too 

Building on its success, the Wimbledon Cufflink Company has now extended its product range to watches, utilising the same design approach as it has with its expanding range of cufflinks.

“We saw the opportunity to do something different, but also completely in keeping with our approach to giving classicism a cutting edge,” Chris explained.

For its first watch designs, the company has chosen the classic heraldic symbols the Griffi and the Lion, and the iconic First World War fighter aircraft the Sopwith Camel and the Fokker.

Again, this reflects the company’s bold eclecticism, and a versatile aesthetic which can draw on diverse figures and make them work as design essentials.

The watches all have miyota quartz movement and are waterproof up to 5 atm.

“It’s about affordable quality and individuality, and making the right kind of statement by choosing carefully the accessories you wear,” Chris concludes. “With these cufflink and watch designs, you can transmit a subtly powerful personal message.”

New Cufflink & Watch Styles