Wow! Autumn Is Here!

Who would have thought it? Here we are, and it is autumn already! Remember all those long, hot weeks of endless sunshine with the grass going brown? Don’t they just seem a distant memory now?

The weather is cooling down too, so it’s time to put on some warmer clothing. You can’t really laze about in a T-shirt for the next few months. And there will be lots of events coming up around the country such as the Festival of Light in Leicester, Nottingham Goose Fair (yes, really!), Broadstairs Food Festival, and plenty more, when you will not only want to be warm but dress smartly as well.

So, time to dress in style guys – suit, shirt, preferably a tie, and of course, cufflinks. You should dress this way for work anyway, unless you engage in physical labour. We have said this before, but if you want to get on in your career you need to stand out and be noticed by your superiors. This is another very important reason for wearing cufflinks, because you won’t look like the rest of the crowd.

But which cufflinks should you choose for this autumn? Here are our top four picks at Wimbledon Cufflink Company.

The British Bulldog

Another fine pair of cufflinks are our British Bulldog set. Displaying the resilience and spirit of the British, this pair of cufflinks depicts a canine version of Winston Churchill in his Homburg hat with bow tie and, of course, the ever-present cigar. These show the bulldog in silver on a dazzling bright blue background. Show your patriotism and respect for your country with these cufflinks.  

Another great pair of cufflinks is the Wimbledon Eagle. It is thought that Julius Caesar occupied Wimbledon Common when he invaded in 55 BC. The eagle is a bird of prey and was on the standard carried by Caesar’s troops.

You might also like St George and the Dragon. History has it that St George saved the life of a young princess who was to be sacrificed to the dragon to save her city from it. Instead, St George slayed the dragon with his lance.

What about the Griffin? A mythological creature that has the body of a lion with an eagle’s head and wings. It is seen as a guardian of treasure and is associated with the Holy Grail, as well as guarding tombs and the Tree of Life. We display the Griffin in gold on a striking blue background.