The English Leopard Gold Cufflink

You may be familiar with the fearless depictions of lions through British heritage. However, did you know that until the 1300 century, the English referred to these beasts as leopards?

The image on the royal arms of England and the one donned by the English football team is actually a reference to the ‘passant guardant’, an old french word describing a leopard in a standing position. 

The leopard historically symbolizes strength and fortitude in battle. As you can see on the English leopard cufflink, the ferocity and outstretched claws of the leopard indicate readiness for war. The bearer of the English leopard cufflinks thus takes on the characteristics of the leopard as a solid and powerful adversary against whatever they face.

Traditionally worn into battle by British royalty, the English leopard cufflinks reflect heritage and culture. In addition, the wearing of the leopard, as opposed to the lion, denotes a search for truth and intelligence.

The English leopard, which bears no spots, is a rare and unusual sight in nature. Yet, they exist in urban legends taken from the African Savanah. The English leopard cufflinks represent individuals who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd; who are unique and distinctive. Their difference is what gives them power.

These suave and cultured cufflinks will suit a variety of occasions. They can be worn as national, cultural and sporting pride symbols and a token of purpose and passion. In short, the English leopard cufflinks provide a world of artistic edge to any ensemble.

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