The Scottish Shield Silver Cufflinks

These Scottish Shield Cufflinks embody tradition with a contemporary and stylish twist. They can be worn with a well-made cotton shirt and smart dress suit, although they befit any occasion where you want to look dignified, elegant and in control.

Our Scottish Shield Cufflinks bear the Royal Banner of Scotland, also referred to as the Lion Rampant. The silver cufflink design includes a yellow shield on the proud red lion, with its claws and tongue extended. The shield, set on a bold blue background, represents safety, protection and security, whether we’re heading into a workplace battle or on the golf course.  

The lion crest symbolizes valour, power and bravery. It epitomizes the strength and nobility expected of leaders. The lion has long been associated with the king of beasts. Here, the Scottish Lion is distinguished, proud and compelling. It is the perfect symbol worn by someone who wants to show influence and elegance. 

The statement piece design is the ideal combination of tradition, heritage and contemporary fashion. They are the ultimate accessory for someone who wants to show good taste, elegance, and sophistication. The iconic design is best suited for someone who understands the importance of history while looking forward to the future.  

Our Scottish Shield Cufflinks come in a smart black presentation box, complete with the Wimbledon Cufflink Company logo. 

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