The Tudor Rose Gold Cufflink

The Tudor rose symbolises unity, peace and integrity. It embodies the status of great English dynasties and the poetics of English heritage.

The Tudor rose represents the unification of two ancient and powerful English houses. This joining of two forces is captured in the Tudor rose cufflink's white and red colouring. The white inner flower is the insignia of the house of York. Whereas, the red outer rose is an emblem of the house of Lancaster. The great reconciliation between the two houses has been immortalised in literature and iconism ever since.

It was brought to life in the Shakespearian play Henry the 5th and has become the national symbol of the English rugby team. The Tudor rose cufflink is a modern way to capture the elegance of the rose and prestige of these royal houses whilst remembering their epic legacy. 

The Tudor rose cufflinks empowers the wearer to trump over their everyday battles. It is a perfect choice for sporting events. It can confer good luck in negotiating business deals. The romanticism of the rose can likewise offer any ensemble a sophisticated and distinguished edge.

The vibrant red and white against the clear cut silver can complement a dark suit. It can provide a pop of colour and class to any outfit. It would also work well for national events where you want your English heritage to shine true. As well as providing a charming addition to a cool summer’s attire. The historic icon will work for anyone trying to capture the richness and vivacity of English culture.

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