Intelligent Design: How Nature Inspires Cufflink Styles

An awareness of nature is one of the key inspirations of our modern cufflink designs and this time of year heightens that awareness.

Autumn is a transitional month, as the days shorten and the climate gets cooler. It is a time of great natural beauty, with glorious shades of copper, orange and yellow as the leaves change colour.

Here, we look at cufflink designs that are based on patterns and forms from the natural world.

Why is the Natural World Important for Design?

The iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel once said:

“Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

The things we wear, our clothes and accessories, are not separate from the world we inhabit, but come from it.

It makes sense, therefore, to seek inspiration for these designs and looks, from the world around us.

Nature has an abundance of colours, shapes, patterns and textures. It contains natural miracles of engineering and hugely impressive visual markers.

We know that nature can give us fresh perspectives on design, and help us find new elements that will work as eye-catching, stylish motifs for our stylish cufflink collections.

Nature’s Frozen Masterpieces

When you see snowflakes falling, they simply appear as small, white clusters. But close up, the snowflake reveals itself to be an intricate masterpiece, forged by nature.

The snowflake is created by a very cold droplet of water sticking to a particle of pollen or dust. This happens way above the surface of the earth.

As the object descends, water vapour freezes to it, and it sprouts six arms. This comes from the crystallisation process.

In this crystallisation, water follows a pattern, filling in spaces between molecules, always creating a six-sided snowflake.

The snowflake pattern we are familiar with is not something the naked eye can see, but each snowflake has its own unique design. And it is a pattern that we instantly recognise and associate with winter.

The Snowflake Cufflink celebrates this masterpiece of nature, and is festive without overstating itself. It is the perfect accessory for winter dressing and celebrating the season.

The Iconic Oak 

In the natural landscape, the oak tree makes its mark. It looks imposing and has multiple uses. Boiling the bark of the oak tree, for example, releases certain therapeutic qualities. The fruit of the oak tree, the acorn, provides a ready source of animal feed, and many animals take refuge in oak meadows.

As a symbol, the oak embodies strength, courage, resilience and knowledge.

It is represented in different mythologies, across a range of cultures, and its towering strength is often thought of as the embodiment of wisdom.

Oak trees live a long time, which contributes to their symbolic status. Many will easily go beyond 300 years of age.

In this sense, the oak tree feels very much like a living legend.

Our Oak Cufflink design captures the enduring potency of this natural symbol. It has royal connotations, and a true sense of heritage, along with its timelessness as a globally-recognised symbol.

If you want to channel your authenticity, then this is one subtle but stylish way of doing it.

For more details about our nature-inspired cufflinks, and our full range of unique cufflink designs, please contact us.