Men At The Top Still Wear Suits, Ties, And Shirts With Cufflinks

Let’s face it: in the 21st century things have become dumbed down somewhat. Only 40 years ago, men would wear a suit when going to work, complete with a tie. It showed that you were smart and meant business. Today, many men never wear a suit, and even those that do often wear an open-necked shirt without a tie.

However, take a look, and you will see that the men at the top – company directors, hospital managers, MP’s, and the like – all wear suits with ties so that they can look as smart as possible, and this also has the effect of projecting the image of their importance.

What’s more, they don’t wear shirts with buttons on the cuffs. No, they wear proper shirts with double cuffs and use cufflinks to keep them together.

Furthermore, they don’t use any old cufflinks. Today, although less men dress this way, those that do realise the importance of presenting an image which says that they have respect for the people they work with and/or the people that they serve. So they select cufflinks which have meaning and which demonstrate their appreciation of something which is, after all, a small form of art about their person. It shows that they are different – not in a way that seems to brag, but in a way that sets them apart because they are, indeed, important.

This is why, at Wimbledon Cufflink Company, we still have thousands of customers who wish to look that little bit different from the crowd. Our cufflinks help to make you stand out as the man you really are.

We have many, many, different designs including English cufflinks with English emblems, Scottish cufflinks with Scottish emblems, Irish ones, American ones, and many more. We have cufflinks such as animal cufflinks, nautical cufflinks, military cufflinks, and so on. We will even make bespoke cufflinks for you.

Yes, we can produce cufflinks to your own required design, whatever it may be. So you could use your company logo, a Gay Pride design, a logo for a wedding for all the men present, cufflinks to honour a special anniversary, or anything else at all. Just ask us.