Courageous, bold and strong, we are pleased to present our unique collection of Scottish cufflinks here at Wimbledon Cufflink Company, offering beautiful and tasteful items, steeped in Celtic history and tradition. Taking the very best of Scotland’s heritage and incorporating this with a contemporary twist, these are the perfect display of Scottish roots.

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company we produce a number of Celtic design cufflinks such as our Scottish cufflinks which show the Scottish Lion Rampant in silver on a dark blue background, and another pair of Scottish cufflinks depicting the Scottish Thistle on a wonderful deep purple background.

Other Celtic symbol cufflinks include the Irish shamrock which is shown in white on a blue background. In addition, we can produce personalised custom-made Celtic design cufflinks for you in either silver or gold and with any other Celtic symbol that you wish on any colour background.

We haven’t forgotten Wales, either. Our Celtic symbol cufflinks range includes the Welsh dragon. We have chosen to produce this in gold on a white background which is the same as the banner that Welsh hero Owain Glyndwr raised over Caernarfon Castle in 1401 when fighting the English. The Welsh Dragon became a Royal Badge in 1953 and was added to the Cardiff Coat of Arms.

Express your proud traditions with our stylish and perfectly made Celtic cufflinks & Scottish cufflinks, and instantly add a sense of elegance to your sleeve. These are so much more than just a set of cufflinks: they’re an individual expression of art and we have many different styles and combinations to offer you here at Wimbledon Cufflink Company. 

To find your perfect Scottish cufflinks, take a closer look at our range. For more information about this collection, you can contact us here today.

The Scottish Lion Silver CufflinkThe Scottish Lion Silver Cufflink


The Scottish Lion Silver Cufflink

All our extremely high-quality metal and silver plated cufflinks are handmade, and the Scottish Lion Cufflinks are no exception. They are elegant, unique and sophisticated. Pair them with a well-made...
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