The Scottish Lion Silver Cufflink

All our extremely high-quality metal and silver plated cufflinks are handmade, and the Scottish Lion Cufflinks are no exception. They are elegant, unique and sophisticated. Pair them with a well-made crisp cotton shirt and good dress suit, or add them to your unique style on special occasions when you want a particularly smart and refined look. 

The design exemplifies the mighty roar of The Lion Rampant of Scotland, the Royal Banner of Scotland, dating back to the 12th century and the reign of William I. It is a potent symbol of national pride. Here, with its claws and tongue extended, the lion stands bold in blue and silver. 

The cutting edge yet traditional design of our Scottish Lion Cufflinks reflects the aspirations of a modern-day contemporary wearer who also understands the importance of heritage, history and culture. 

The Scottish Lion Cufflinks are the embodiment of good taste and refinement. They can be worn with pride and dignity to suit your personal taste and lifestyle. They are a discreet way of ensuring you stand out from the crowd as a connoisseur of discernment and sophistication.  

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