The Irish Harp Gold Cufflinks

These sophisticated Irish harp cufflinks have a 600-year-old history. The harp has been considered a symbol of Irish heritage and nationalism since the 13th century. In Irish mythology, the harp represented the power of sovereignty. As a result, it has a place of pride on Irish passports, products and has been worn by past presidents.

Wearing Irish harp cufflinks is an emblem of Irish pride, history and culture. The sleek design makes them a good fit for business and informal attire alike. It signals the strength and vigour of Ireland and is a unique token of authority and prestige.  

Choosing to wear the Irish harp cufflinks can bring good luck to sporting and political events. It makes an excellent gift for savvy business people looking to exert confidence and style. Traditionally emblazoned on azure which is associated with St Patrick, it is sometimes known as the Gormfhlaith, meaning blue sovereignty which is thought to be a personification of the Irish legacy.

The harp colouring goes well with white or vibrant shades of blue and green. It's an essential addition to any wardrobe. A wearer will follow the steps of Irish Kings and nobility as they take this proud symbol out into the modern world.

The Irish harp is also given as a sign of achievement and support. The harp symbol is often accompanied by the words "Who will separate us?" to symbolise unity. It makes a great choice to show a loved one you care and are proud of them.

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