Cufflinks For Work Need To Be Formal But Not Over Ornate

Choosing a pair of cufflinks can be as easy or as difficult as a man may wish to make it. The fact is that there are thousands upon thousands of designs of cufflinks – if you Google “cufflinks” or “cufflink designs” you can come up with around 90 million results. And you thought that nobody wears cufflinks any more!

Nothing could be further from the truth. Certainly, many younger men these days go to the office (if indeed they do actually physically go to the office any more) wearing casual clothes. But if you want to be taken seriously and progress in your career, then you need to dress smartly and that means a suit and tie, and a pair of suitable cufflinks to go with them. 

When we say “suitable” cufflinks, we mean that you need to wear something which is not going to make you look silly, or that you are wearing cufflinks just for a laugh. There are designs such as a skull and crossbones, for instance, which might look great for a laugh at a party, but are not going to go down too well if the managing director wants you to talk to customers on an exhibition stand.

When choosing cufflinks, you also want to make certain that you don’t outdo “the boss”. Buying a pair of cufflinks with diamonds or sapphires in them may make you look like a man of importance, but you don’t wear those to the office – at least, not until you become the boss yourself. Then you can wear whatever you want.

Simple Design

Cufflinks that you wear for work should be of a simple design and not over ornate. They are meant to accentuate your suit and shirt and tie and be of formal design, but not overshadow it. So, something such as silver cufflinks will go down well. At all costs, avoid the many novelty cufflinks like the aforementioned skull and crossbones, or a pair that look like a golf ball or a racing car. While they may be a fun gift for someone who is keen on motor racing or golf, there are few occasions when they can safely be worn, and indeed, many of these novelty cufflinks can look rather tacky.

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company, we produce a range of silver cufflinks that include the Scottish Lion cufflinks. The design is that of the Scottish Lion making its’ mighty roar while with claws and tongue extended. It dates back to the 12th century during the reign of William I. The lion is in silver on a bold blue background and if you are a Scot is the perfect complement to your work suit, underscoring, as it does, your nod to your heritage.

If you are Welsh, then our Celtic Shield design is for you. In silver on a dark green background, the Celtic Shield honours the bravery and mysticism of the ancient Celts back in the Iron Age, who were tribes led by warrior chiefs.