Does Anybody Still Wear Cufflinks?

Short answer: Yes, they most certainly do! As designers and manufacturers of cufflinks, at Wimbledon Cufflink Company we should know. We are selling more cufflinks year on year than ever before, for the simple reason that many men – and also women – want them and love the huge choice of cufflink designs that we provide.

Certainly, in this day and age, there are men who really cannot be bothered about how they look. Unfortunately, this is a result of the sheer laziness of some people in today’s society. It is an attitude of which we should not be proud but is summed up in companies such as Just Eat. In other words, take the easy way out. Don’t bother cooking a meal, let someone else do it for you. Never mind that you are not going to get the best ingredients and it is going to cost more than doing it yourself. And this is the attitude that some people take about dressing smartly as well. It is easier not to bother.

However, intelligent men understand that dressing smartly in a suit with a tie, a pair of designer cufflinks, and smart leather shoes (NOT trainers!) will make them stand out from the crowd. You don’t see your MP in the House of Commons in a T-shirt and jeans after all. No, he stands out and is important because he takes the trouble to look that way. And a pair of silver cufflinks adds that subtle but influential final touch.

Over 45 Million Results!

Does anybody still wear cufflinks? Try Googling “buy cufflinks” and it brings up 45,200,000 results! The possibilities are endless. You can use our silver cufflinks to make a statement about you as an individual. For example, as a Scotsman you might like our Scottish Shield Cufflinks. If you work in the police force, you might choose our Thin Blue Line Cufflinks: take a look and you will see why.

Then there are our British Bulldog Cufflinks if you want to show pride in your land of birth, or for a formal black-tie dinner what about the 925 Sterling Silver cufflinks? We like to define these as displaying “sophisticated elegance” and most men would agree with us.

Our range of designer cufflinks includes our Heritage Cufflinks which you can choose to identify your nationality, whether you are English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, American, French – you get the idea. Most importantly, you will also stand out as an individual who is to be respected.