Men Who Trouble To Dress Well Have A Collection Of Cufflinks

Many men today “dress down”, meaning that they either cannot be bothered, or they don’t want to spend any money, on dressing smartly. In fact, it has got to the point where even some men who do wear suits and a smart shirt will actually wear the shirt open-necked rather than wear a tie.

That’s a pity, because there are so many options when you wear a tie with your suit and shirt. Your choice of tie can make you stand out from the crowd.

However, a lot of men who do take the trouble to dress well will have a collection of different ties, so this gives them many options. They can choose a tie that matches the event that they are attending, or perhaps a more restrained look if it is for going in to work.

Men of this calibre will also have a collection of cufflinks to go with their suit and tie, and much the same thing applies. As with ties, there are literally endless options, so you could choose gold or silver cufflinks for important occasions such as a business meeting, an evening at the theatre, a dinner party, and so on, and perhaps something more colourful for a less formal occasion.

You can also spend whatever you like on cufflinks. For instance, we just looked online and immediately came across a pair of “James Bond 007 Stainless Steel Cufflinks” for a mere £570! And they are only stainless steel, not gold or silver cufflinks!

Designer Cufflinks That Don’t Cost The Earth

Fortunately for you, at Wimbledon Cufflink Company, our designer cufflinks are smart, stand out, and they don’t cost the earth. We love to give our customers plenty of options, so we are always experimenting with new designs. Not all of them make it into our collection though, because we only choose the best of the best.

Many of our customers love our Heritage Collection of designer cufflinks because it enables them to express their pride in their country of origin. So, for example, we have several designs for the four countries of the UK – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland - from which you can choose. In fact, many of our customers snap up a pair as soon as we add a new design, thus giving themselves as many options as possible.

One of the latest designs that is garnering a lot of attention is our Big Ben pattern – just the thing for those of you who live in London and are proud of it!