Hidden Meanings, Symbols and Facts about Our Fleur De Lis Cufflinks

There is a rich history behind the fleur de lis symbol, over the centuries it has developed a variety of meanings, connotations and significance.  Consequently, fleur de lis cufflinks are very popular types of silver cufflinks. Here are top 10 fun facts about the fleur de lis symbol.

The symbol originates in France

In the twelfth century, a French monarch used the fleur de lis symbol on his shield. English kings later used the symbol on their coats of arms to emphasize their claims to the throne of France.

It is a French Word

In French, the fleur de lis translates as flower or lily. Therefore, it is rooted in French origin. Many people look for cufflinks for men to represent their heritage and ancestry, and fleur de list cufflinks could be a perfect choice.

The Lily is a Wedding Anniversary Symbol

We all know the thirtieth wedding anniversary stone is pearl; however lillies are often the flower that is associated with the 30th wedding anniversary also, and so fleur de lis cufflinks would be the most perfect and subtle gift idea for this momentous occasion.

The Lily is a Birth Flower

The Lily is also known as the May birth flower. In the language of flowers, this May birth flower represents purity, majesty and honour. Therefore, fleur de lis cufflinks would be a considerate birthday present for your brave and honest partner.

The symbol has rich religious & spiritual meaning

Allegedly, the fleur de lis also represents the Holy Trinity in the Church. The three petals of the design reflect this, with the band at the bottom symbolizing Mary. Until about the 1300’s, the fleur de lis were found in many depictions of Jesus.

The symbol is a Scouts symbol

The fleur de lis is the main element of the logo of most Scouting organisations because it represents a major theme for the organisation: the outdoors and the wilderness, and it represents the three-fold Scout promise.

The symbol appears on the Franco-American Flag

The fleur de lis appears on the Franco-American Flag, officially used for the first time in 1992. The colours are blue, red, and white that symbolises both France and the United States of America.

The fleur de lis is used for defence

In building and architecture, the fleur-de-lis is often used on top of iron fence posts, as a sharp defence against dangerous intruders.  The symbol has now taken on great associations with military power. We have a selection of designer cufflinks at Wimbledon Cufflinks that are associated with military prowess.

The symbol appears on the Spanish flag

The Spanish Flag contains the coat of arms of Spain, which symbolizes the country and the nation. In the middle of the coat of arms, it depicts historical kingdoms from which the Kingdom of Spain was built, one was the house of bourbon, a European royal house of French origin, and the other was the house of Anjou, a royal house and cadet branch of the direct French House of Capet. Therefore, the 3 fleur de lis symbols in the centre of the coat of arms is a symbol related to France where Anjou and Bourbon come from.

It has made appearances in literature

The fleur de lis symbol has appeared in several pieces of literature, such as The Da Vinci Code, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Three Musketeers.

The perfect gift for yourself, or a loved one

Identify yourself as the wearer of this badge of honour, and evoke an era of chivalry with a pair of fleur de lis cufflinks. Alternatively, buy as a birthday gift or anniversary gift for your loved one. At Wimbledon Cufflinks, we like novelty cufflinks that have a unique style and are steeped in heritage with a modern twist, but if you can’t find what you are looking for to express your individuality, you can also design custom cufflinks and personalised cufflinks.