A Brief History Of Cufflinks

Cufflinks have been around for a very long time. Perhaps not “forever”, but for several centuries. Back in the day, around the 13th century, men’s long sleeved shirt cuffs were held together by ribbons, strings, and ties. Then in the 1700’s the French developed what they called “boutons de manchettes” – sleeve buttons – which were two ornamental buttons connected with a small chain.

Gradually, jewellers began to design them in gold and silver, often adding gemstones, and these became popular with the wealthy. King Charles II began to wear them in public, and this obviously prompted others to join in, thus demonstrating their power and status.

Then came the Industrial Revolutions, and a German immigrant, George Krementz, began to create cufflinks en masse, based on the process that was used for manufacturing bullets. So, cufflinks were now available to everybody, including the working class. 

A Proud Tradition

At Wimbledon Cufflink Company we are proud to continue a tradition that has been around for so long, by designing and producing cufflinks that are worn by men who wish to look fashionable. Cufflinks are available in a huge range of designs across all price ranges, and they include many that are quirky and funky. However, we do not produce those, preferring to aim at the market of men who wear formal attire and show respect to others by dressing appropriately for different occasions.

Cufflinks are small decorative items, and you can choose them to make a statement about anything you wish. As a type of jewellery, many of our customers like to wear our gold cufflinks which are available in many different designs, a large number of which are in our Heritage range which enable you to show your respect and regard for the country of your birth.

Among our gold cufflinks are the Golden Lion cufflinks which depict the mighty king of beasts. The Golden Lion cufflinks show the head of this proud and magnificent creature set on a bright blue background, which fits very well with a dark blue, grey, or black suit.

We have the lion in other designs as well, such as the English Lion which shows the creature on its’ hind legs with its’ forepaws in the air ready to take on all comers – and win! If you are a football fan, you will also love our Three English Lions cufflinks so that you can show your support for our national football team.