Summer Wedding Suits - Insider Tips for Achieving the Perfect Look

It’s never really too early to plan your summer wedding suit in advance of the wedding season kicking off. The worse thing is not having something prepared when the invitations start rolling in.

Despite what the uninitiated may believe, men’s attire for weddings (even in peak summer and when dress code is casual) typically does not permit bare arms or legs. Unless you clearly read the words "shorts" or "polo shirts", you won’t want to turn up in anything that you would call “casual” in everyday life.

The best things you can focus on so your suit is more season and temperature appropriate are colour, fabric and accessories. If you’re planning to attend or participate in a wedding this summer, our tips might help you choose the right ensemble to protect you from the heat and keep you looking as stylish as ever.

Opt for Lighter Materials

Fabric is the most important element to consider when picking out a summer suit. You may have a great flannel suit you like to wear, but this could leave you sweating out in the summer heat during a July or August wedding.

When browsing suits, or if you’re lucky enough to be getting a bespoke suit made, consider weight, texture, and breathability. These are the primary concerns when choosing what to wear.

The best fabrics are those that are light and airy but do not compromise the appearance of your suits, such as linen, light merino wool or light cashmere blends. Heavy materials like tweed are certainly out.

As linen is made from the woven fibres of the flax plant, it has a visible pattern that makes the material stand out too. And when combined with the natural style the fabric offers, it’s an absolute favourite for summer wedding suits.

However, keep in mind that the problem with linen is that it is notorious for easy wrinkling. So if you’re travelling a long way to get to the wedding venue, be careful that you don’t fold your suit up in a way that creates any huge creases. You can also consider a linen blend that contains cotton that will allow you to maintain the linen look without as many wrinkles.

Seersucker is another summer fabric choice, but probably not suited to all occasions. It is popular in southern American states and truly out of place in most English towns (just a subjective opinion but something to keep in mind).

This fabric has a signature striped pattern with a crinkled and puckering texture, coloured in vivacious and pastel tones that may look great in a summer wedding. This probably isn’t appropriate for formal weddings, but it presents an ideal option for more casual summer events.

Choosing the Right Colour

Black is still required for formal wedding events that state "black tie" on the invite. However, if this isn’t stated, there’s absolutely no reason to go black unless it's the only suit you have available.

As always, grey and navy are safe for weddings between formal and causal realms, but if it’s a more relaxed dress code with a venue that is outdoors, you can consider colours like beige, and even yellow and light blue. If you’re in doubt though, try and run this query by the hosts first.

Make Sure You Accessorize

Summer weddings are a great opportunity to add some colour to your look, whether that’s in the form of a pocket square or cufflinks. Gold cufflinks and silver cufflinks work with pretty much any outfit, but a more casual summer wedding gives you a much wider scope for colours and styles, with unique designer cufflinks being an amazing way to stand out from your family, peers or colleagues.

Using colour in your tie, socks, and cufflinks are entirely in keeping with the summer wedding look, so don't be afraid to explore options.

Cufflinks for Summer Weddings

We’ve got a huge collection of cufflinks on our site, with many being a perfect option for the English summer wedding. Feel free to browse our collection or get in touch with us at the Wimbledon Cufflink Company for some advice on the right pair for your outfit.